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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Goonder?

Goonder is an app designed so that anyone can invest in a simple and fun way. 
With Goonder, you don't need any financial skills, or spend time following the financial markets: Goonder does it for you, offering you a daily selection of investment opportunities according to your profile.

Goonder, are you talkin' to me?

Yes. In fact, Goonder is an algorithm with a very particular voice, a very ironic sense of humor and opinions that are not exactly politically correct about humans in general, and about the companies in which it offers to invest in particular (especially if it’s a bank). It loves to use "Goonder Translate", its very own tool to decode those texts that companies use on their websites or on Wikipedia to describe their activities. It also has a strange obsession with Charlie Sheen and a complex sentimental relationship with Siri. Check out all of this choosing "Goonder way" in the company descriptions when creating your custom profile.

Do I have to pay anything to download or use the app?

No. Goonder is free, both in Virtual Goonder mode (for practice or just for fun) and in Real Goonder mode (for real investments).

But then, do I have to pay commissions if I operate in Real Goonder Mode?

It depends on your broker. There are some that use commissions, and others that don’t but typically use spreads and/or other charges. But any way it is, trading with your broker using Goonder won’t mean any extra cost: it will be same as if you were operating with your broker by your own means.