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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Performance?

Click "Performance" in the Home screen or in the menu bar to see how your investments are going. 

In Virtual Goonder, in the tab "All" you will see your overall performance with 3 indicators: the virtual balance, and your accumulated earnings expressed in money and percentage. In the Annual, Monthly and Weekly tabs you will see your earnings of the last period. Swipe right on each of these tabs to see how you did in previous periods, and move between periods doing swipes right and left. 

In Real Goonder there are the same tabs, but Goonder can only offer the theoretical performance, expressed in monetary units. There are two reasons for this: the first, referring to theoretical performance: according to market conditions, the actual execution may differ from the theoretical one (see below in the FAQ "How is the execution of your orders"). The second, referring to monetary units as the only indicator offered: the money you deposit in your broker account is confidential information, to which Goonder does not have access, according to data protection laws. For this reason, Goonder can not include in Performance your actual balance or calculate the accumulative percentage of your earnings.

What are the Current Trades?

Click "Current Trades" in the Home screen or in the menu bar to see how each selected opportunity is doing. Tap on each stock to display further details.

What else is in the menu bar?

Click “Edit Profile” to change your info or the investor profile selected.
Click "Settings" to change the language, the currency or the markets you are interested in.
Click “Tutorials” to access both comprehensive and specific tuturials for Virtual Goonder, Real Goonder, Crypto Alerts and others.