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Frequently Asked Questions

Category | Onboarding

What steps do I have to take to create my Goonder account?

When you download the app, Goonder will guide you through a series of screens so you can create your account in 4 simple steps:

1- Profile data. Answer in which decade were you born, what is your country of residence and set your investor profile (predefined or personalized). 
2- Personal data: state your name, surname, nickname and mail. 

3- Accept terms and conditions. 

4 - Link your account with your broker to go to Real Goonder mode or leave it for later and start practicing with Virtual Goonder.

How do I select my investor profile?

Goonder offers you a series of predefined aspirational profiles, presented generically with the photo of a model. Enter each one of them to see its characteristics, and choose the one that most resembles you. Please note that profiles represent investor types, with no direct correspondence with the race and gender of the model that represents it. The choice of models simply seeks to reflect a diversity which Goonder firmly believes in, since the app itself is designed to break down the classic entry barriers into the investment world. On the other hand, if you think that none of the predefined profiles represent you, please click the button "Create my own profile", and quickly create your own personalized profile answering 4 very simple questions.

There’s a fixed set of opportunities every day, and each profile will get a number of them, depending on:

-How do you see yourself as an investor? Aggressive, moderate or conservative? The number of opportunities will be lower the more conservative you get.
-Are you socially conscious? If so, Goonder will not send you opportunities from companies not listed in the Socially Responsible Index
-Are you an experienced investor, or a newbie? Further down the road, Goonder will offer to experience traders a set of more complex trading opportunities, such as short positions, which will not be available for newbies.

Also, with some profiles you will see the company descriptions opportunities in the Goonder way, and with other profiles you will see them Wiki way. This decision does not vary the set of opportunities you will get, though; only the way you visualize them.