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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Real Goonder?

With Real Goonder you can invest in stocks around the world with real money in a simple and fun way. Just check your daily opportunities…
All the possible execution points (buy, sell, stop loss and maximum time) are already preset for every opportunity and sent with the order. 
The opportunities are short-term: a week in average, from purchase to sale, giving you some room to effectively diversify with a limited amount of initial capital.

How do I use Real Goonder if I don't have a broker account?

By clicking on “Switch to Real Goonder”, you can choose to open an account with one of Goonder's associated brokers. Click on each broker for info and in More details for a commission schedule. Pick the broker that suits better your needs and follow the steps to open your account. Once opened, go back to Goonder and choose the option "Link your account". Your Goonder account will be linked to your broker's, and you will be ready to make real investments.

I already have a broker. Can I use Real Goonder and operate with my broker?

If your broker is one of Goonder's associated brokers, then yes. You only have to click on “Switch to Real Goonder”, and then the option "Link the account". If your broker is not on the Goonder list, you can do two things: 1) Click on the "Ask your broker to join Goonder" button to send an email requesting it, and practice with Virtual Goonder while waiting for the answer, or 2) Open account in any of Goonder's associated brokers. 

How are the operations selected in Goonder sent to my broker?

Automatically. After choosing the opportunities you want to trade, click "Send Ticket", you will then leave Goonder and enter the platform of your broker. After signing with your broker password you will see that the operations you have chosen in Goonder are already preloaded along with all its execution points, so you just need to accept in one click to place the order in the market.