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Frequently Asked Questions

Category | Edit Ticket & Send Order

What is the Magic Mode?

After accepting or rejecting all the opportunities of the day, you will see a screen in which you only have to enter the total amount that you want to invest that day. Goonder’s magic mode will calculate the most evenly money distribution among the chosen opportunities. Since you can't buy fractions of shares, the total amount will probably not be the same you entered but the closest possible.

What is the Ticket?

The ticket is the list of stocks you want to buy and the number of shares you want to buy of each one. It also includes all the execution points.

Can I edit the ticket to my liking?

Of course. After entering the total amount to invest with the Magic Mode, the following screen shows you a list of the opportunities of the day (accepted above, and rejected below, shadowed in gray). Above all on the left you can see the total amount to invest according to Goonder's "magic" distribution. If you want to remove one of the selected stocks, swipe right on it, a minus sign will pop up. Click on it and the company will pass down, with the rest of the rejected opportunities of the day. And if you want to add one of the rejected opportunities, swipe left on the stock, and a plus sign will pop up. Click on it and the stock will go up with the others accepted. In both cases, Goonder continues in Magic Mode, recalculating the best way to distribute evenly the amount you want to invest. Finally, you can click on the pencil that is inside each of the accepted opportunities to add or subtract shares from it. In this case, Goonder disables the Magic Mode, so that you can fine tune the total amount to your liking.

How do I send the order to the market?

After pressing the "Send Ticket" button on the upper right side of the screen, you will get to the "Review Ticket & Place Order" screen. You will see a break down with the ticker, the number of shares you will buy, and the amount of money you will invest for each stock. After reviewing it, you can click one of the two buttons below the screen to either get back and keep editing the ticket, or send it to be executed in the market. (See the Real Mode and Virtual Mode blocks for details on the execution of the order in each one).