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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Virtual Goonder?

Virtual Goonder is a great way to practice before you start investing with real money. You will operate with no risks or compromises and have the same user experience as in the Real Goonder mode.

Are the opportunities in Virtual Goonder the same as in Real Goonder?

Yes, they are the same opportunities, but offered a few days later, when they have reached its last execution point and so we know how they turned out. We made it this way so you can see right away after sending the order what would have happened with your chosen investments, without having to wait for it several days. You can check what happened today by clicking on Current Trades, and also get an updated status by clicking in Performance.

Do I have to deposit any money to operate with Virtual Goonder?

No way. Goonder is so kind it will make an initial deposit of $50,000 into your Virtual Goonder account, so you can start trading like a pro. But don't get all excited, the money isn't real!

How do I know if I'm operating in Virtual Goonder mode?

Opportunities in Virtual Goonder mode have a dark background, while in Real Goonder mode they have a clear background. Also, after sending the ticket, instead of exiting Goonder and going to your broker's platform to place the order, in Virtual Goonder mode there’s just a screen that says “Your order has been goondered”, sending you back to the main menu so that you can check what happened with your order immediately in the Current Trades, and your updated Performance.